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What is iMPeRFeCT Gallery? Filmmaker Melissa Skolnick-Noguera answers using our Executive Director Rocio Cabello's photo and video footage of life at this grassroots non-profit alternative art space in Germantown, Philadelphia.*

Sex, unlike, "end of year fundraiser", is so much more attractive than, let's say, Trump or Covid-19 or social justice issues or 2020. But we're not gonna talk about sex, so nobody starts feeling funny or excited or uncomfortable or even upset, it's a mess. But what we really need to talk to you about, is our "end of year fundraiser" and not sex.
This is surreal, frustrating and maddening, to be living in this reality. But it's also an amazing time, full of hope, encouraging and energizing...Yes! The love and energy of our community and supporters have kept iMPeRFeCT Gallery alive in these lonely times and now, we're asking you to help us get to Spring, when we will hopefully open again or we'll be exhibiting art outdoors with our "PRISMS" or having window installations. One way or another, we're committed to our mission to give artists a voice, to facilitate and to engage in the conversation.
Please contribute if you can, small or large, your generosity and participation really does matter.
Stay safe... We love you.
Renny & Rocio
* This video was submitted by Rocio to the Leeway Foundation in the Fall of 2020, as part of her application for their Transformation Award, which recognizes women and LGBTQ artists who demonstrate a long term commitment to making art to spark social change. She received this award in Dec. 2020.
Photographer Gary Reed has documented the Friday Night Rumbas since 2014. This is but a sample of his book iMPeRFeCT Rumba, a window into this facet of the gallery through Gary's lens.
Photographer Gary Reed's book is available through Amazon.
Enjoy this video by our friend Eddie Einbender-Luks, a moving portrait of our journeys as told through photographer Michael M. Koehler's words. Our sincerest gratitude to Eddie for his beautiful work and his support!


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